Closing the Business

Effective September 1st I am no longer accepting renewals, as I am going to close the business at the end of the year. I will honor those that have renewed before September 1st, 2018. However, after next year when your renewal comes due, you will not be able to renew.  I have disabled all payment gateways and will be disabling all ... Read More »

7th Sep 2018
Support and Backup changes

Changes to support and backups Are as follows:Backups will cost $1/month as an add-on feature. Each account you wish to backup must have this option purchased. Support will cost $2/month as an add-on feature. Each Account you wish to have support for will require having this addon purchased. Accounts as of the January 1st 2017 will continue to ... Read More »

1st Jun 2017
Notice: Billing Software Update

The Billing software update has created a bit of havoc for us as software changes are not articulated down the line to us that use the software. This may cause interruptions. Support tickets Regarding billing issues are always accepted.

25th May 2017
End of Free Backups

Effective Immediately Backups of your Account will no longer be free on current hosting accounts. This will become an add-on feature that will have to be paid for.

7th Dec 2016
Off Site Mailing List

We will be using mailchimp for our mailing list software from now on. Once that is sorted out, All our active clients will get a mailout with our current offers.

4th Dec 2016
Cpanel x3 Theme

As many of you may not be aware x3 theme from cpanel is being removed.. however the good news is, they have created a retro style that gives you the paper_lantern abilities with the x3 look. In Anticipation of this X3 and x3 mail are being disabled from selections for all clients.

19th Jan 2016
Cloud Linux

Small Budget Hosting has added Cloud Linux to the server in order increase server security. This will ensure that the server stability will run near 100% while caging all clients in their lvm. This upgrade will ensure that our clients will be able be able to have the uptime they need for their websites.- removed mid october as it added nothing of ... Read More »

15th Sep 2015

Effective Immediately SSH will be included in all accounts. With the addition of cloudlinux with cageFS we are now able to upgrade all accounts to include SSH.

14th Sep 2015
PHP memory limit increase

With the recent upgrades to wordpress, and other software, we have increased the allocation for php applications to 64M from 40M. This will ensure that all softwares will run efficently.

21st Jul 2015
Server Upgrade

This past week we upgraded the server from an old DDR system to a newer DDR3 system, this has made it possible our clients to ensure there are less issues with running and managing their site. With these changes we will be increasing our offerings to current and new clients.

11th Jun 2015